Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm a guy who really really loves his hair man. Right now it's about 2 inches high, it's really hard and keeps breaking. I recently started shampooing and conditioning but it doesn't seem to be getting any better :/ any help pls?

Hello Sir,

You may need to deep condition and focus on moisturizing your hair. If it’s hard, it’s likely dry. You need to consider using a leave in conditioner or invest in an oil or cream to put in your hair after washing.

Good Luck!


shanz19900 asked:

What protein treatments would you suggest that are good for really thick hair ? Would be very grateful

Hey Doll!

I’m not well versed about protein treatments, but I’ve used eggs and olive oil before and it worked pretty well. It’s a pretty simple list of ingredients that are affordable or cost nothing because we usually have the products in our households already. Eggs are a pretty strong protein so if you need something lighter, you may wanna shop around and experiment with products from your local beauty supply. I’ve heard that Aphogee is a good option for protein treatments.

Let me know what you end up going with!


fluffster16 asked:

Can you help me? How do i take a perm, out without the chop? And two what can i do to make my hair natural?

Ooh child… Unfortunately there’s no product that can remove a perm, but I wish I could create one because I’d be rich as heck! LoL. If you don’t want to big chop, your best best would be to transition with natural styles until your hairs grows enough for you to cut the perm out a little bit at a time. 

I hope this helps.


datzbae asked:

What would you say would be the best protective style for the winter? I mean 'winter is coming' and I am trying to avoid breakage as much as possible and have not been successful.

Hey girl hey! I’m asking myself that same question these days… I’m gonna see if i can ask a Tumblr question that enables all the followers of this blog to answer as well. For now, here are my suggestions:

Marley twists or braids that can last for a while and you can keep moisturized. 

I also just saw this style with Marley hair that I’m sure many will love trying!

championdex0502 asked:

Hi! I'm really going on a hair craze lately and I just found your blog and you've given great advice to people so I have a question! I'm wanting to get highlights in my hair because I've grown it out to the point where it's the longest I've ever had it. So I want to do something different but I'm scared i won't look right it with it or my hair well changed drastically because of the color!

Hey there! I know exactly how you feel and when you get some growth and become happy with the progress your hair has made, it’s easy to want change. Here’s how I feel about color:

I personally will never color treat my hair again. Is this because I hate color? Hecks no! I got streaks at a time when my hair was the healthiest it’s ever been and within a year I noticed that the portions of my hair that had color were shorter than the rest. I thought I was taking good care of it, but I guess I wasn’t doing enough.

When you color your hair, you have to take extra care of it.That’s just the nature of the game. I’m looking at your fro and it’s amazing. I think it’d look totally fab with some color in it. Perhaps some light brown highlights would work or you could go wild and get blue or something. The brighter you want it, chances are you’ll have to use bleach and I so recommend going to a professional for that.

This is a long response… The bottom line is this: If you want change or something different, go for it! Just be very careful. Try using a natural product like Henna or one of those dyes who lack damaging chemicals. Experiment with your hair and be sure to take good care of it! 

Keep me posted!

Best wishes,